Stop letting your work compromise your happiness.

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An invitation-only program for high-performing men who want more juice out of life.

You've got a comfortable income and lifestyle, but something still feels like it's missing. I can help.

The Activated Man Program is a 90-day, results-based experience that lasers in on three core areas:

Purpose + Livelihood

Get clear on the legacy you want to leave.
We'll make an action plan to align you with your true purpose and secure your future in an expansive, heart-centered way.

Health + Vitality

Awaken your true strength.
Feel more powerful and alive after finally achieving your health, weight and wellness goals with personalized, fun, proven systems.

Love + Relationships

Ignite a passionate partnership
in a community that supports you. I'll show you how to create and maintain deeply connected relationships that nourish and sustain you.

What does the program include?

Here's what you can expect from this bespoke, intimate coaching experience:

One-on-One Deep Dives

You'll have complete access to me as your coach, wingwoman and confidant during the program.

Embodied Methodologies

We'll gamify your health and fitness, making it fun and easy to reach your goals.

Holistic Day Design

Focused productivity sessions will ensure you have time for what really matters.

Divine Masculine Practices

You'll make energetic and mental shifts to attract the love and passion you've been craving.

Conscious Partnership Development

You'll learn how to grow and maintain deep desire and connection in relationship.

Breakthrough Action Plans

Revive and strategize your way to work that's empowered by your true soul purpose.

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I'll share the specific systems I've developed that have helped dozens of clients.

Since you're here, you've probably met me in person already. But in case you haven't...

I'm Amy.

I help people honor their inner compass, craft their day from the inside out, and intertwine play and purpose in their lives. I'm a professional coach, writer and yoga teacher who believes that through self-inquiry and self-expression, we can find true freedom.

Life is short. Don't miss out on what truly matters.

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